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Pecan Nutcakes with Wildflower Honey.  Includes 6 packages @ $6.00 each.


2 packages each of Oatcakes and 1 package each of Corncakes, Nutcakes, Ryecakes and Cocoacakes



Customize your order. Choose any combination of products at $6.00 each to create your own 12-pack. Total cost will be $72.00. Click on More Detail to build your order.



Priced right, Effie's gift box sampler is perfect for anyone on your list.  Includes a decorative gift box containing 3 packages Effie's biscuits, a recipe card/pairing suggestions, all tied with a ribbon for any occasion.  This year's sampler features our signature Oatcake, Pecan Nutcake and Cocoacake.


A beautifully arranged and wrapped tea tray that beckons Mom to Relax and Savor her morning….something we all need to do more often! Top any of Effie's lightly sweetened biscuits with Bonnies all fruit jams and a cup of classic tea.  Then settle into the moment.


Are you interested in a gluten free product and if so, why?

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