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Back by popular demand we've teamed up with our friend, Bonnie, once again to create a special gift tin for any occasion. Effie's Biscuit & Jam Tin pairs our award-winning Oatcakes and Corncakes with one of Bonnie's amazing jams. Bursting with the flavor of real fruit, Bonnie's secret is to keep it simple. That means no added pectin and less than half the sugar of commercial jams.


Crispy Corncakes with a Hint of Anise.  Includes 6 packages @ $6.00 each.


2 biscuits per package - 24 packages per box


2 packages each of Oatcakes and 1 package each of Corncakes, Nutcakes, Ryecakes and Cocoacakes



Customize your order. Choose any combination of products at $6.00 each to create your own 12-pack. Total cost will be $72.00. Click on More Detail to build your order.



Are you interested in a gluten free product and if so, why?

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