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Pecan Nutcakes with Wildflower Honey.  Includes 6 packages @ $6.00 each.


2 packages each of Oatcakes and 1 package each of Corncakes, Nutcakes, Ryecakes and Cocoacakes for a total of 6 boxes on their way to you.



Customize your order. Choose any combination of products at $6.00 each to create your own 12-pack. Total cost will be $72.00. Click on More Detail to build your order.



Priced right, Effie's gift box sampler is perfect for anyone on your list. Includes a decorative gift box containing 4 packages Effie's biscuits, a recipe card/pairing suggestions, all tied with a ribbon for any occasion.  This year's sampler features our signature Oatcake, Corncake, Nutcake and Cocoacake.


Are you interested in a gluten free product and if so, why?

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